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Always apply OXX Conditioner in hair before swimming. Hair should be either co-washed with OXX Conditioner or shampooed with OXX Shampoo and then OXX Conditioner after as chlorine wreaks havoc on hair. OXX Leave-in Rejuvenating Mist may also be used before and after swimming, you use after the OXX Conditioner.


For women with African-textured (Black people / Afro type) Relaxed hair, you should apply extra OXX Serum combined with OXX Butter before exercise. This will help to create a barrier from the salt in the sweat. You may also rinse with the OXX Conditioner and apply the OXX Leave-in Mist after exercising and allow to air-dry and then do a very loose bun or protective style. You know OXX promotes NO BRUSHING and as LITTLE COMBING and it is EXTREMELY important that you comb as little as possible until the next shampoo as sweat is alkaline where our hair is acidic. This means that it totally and emphatically goes against the natural pH balance of the hair. You may also spray a small amount of OXX Leave-in Rejuvenating Mist every couple days if you are going to do a protective style.

Going to the Beach?

Going to the Beach? Apply extra OXX Finisher, Hair Butter and Serum to your hair. You may also take your Leave-in Mist and spray occasionally while hanging/laying out.

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