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"Chemical Service and Medicated Products"

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Summer holidays are not too far away which means possible vacation for many. Fabulous hair and skin are paramount, so for those experiencing uneven skin tones, breakouts, etc., a visit to a dermatologist and/or over the counter creams and toners will surely be on the “to-do” lists. However, whenever you are using any product containing acids such as salicylic, glycolic or any exfoliating ingredients, please be aware of the hypersensitivity of your scalp around the hairline.

Persons who do chemical processes such as relaxers, texturizers, and even coloring must take precautions. The OXX Team recommends to not apply the product close to the hairline at least 1 week before the chemical process. This will reduce any chance of burning or sensitivity. Always remember that your pores are more exposed to receiving when using exfoliating acids.

One of the counter-steps we take at the OXX Salon is to apply a combination of an antibiotic ointment (examples: Brulidine, Neosporin, and Lucky first-aid triple antibiotic) and hydrocortisone .5%. Whenever a client expresses sensitivity after the service is done, we combine a small amount of Brulidine and hydrocortisone ointments on the affected/ burning areas. There are times when the pain is not felt until after the service is finished, so our soothing creams may be applied before drying or after. styling. I would also recommend everyone to have their own antibiotic and hydrocortisone to be used at least twice per day on the problem areas for a few days after the service. Plus, they come in handy for other possible cuts and scrapes otherwise.

So please, remember that every action causes a reaction. And do not forget that the hairline pertains to the entire circumference, not only the forehead. Abide by this recommendation and reduce your discomfort during and after chemical services.

Until next week, The OXX Family

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Suzanne Wilson
Suzanne Wilson
Jun 13, 2018

Hello Kathy. That is definitely the reason why. Exfoliating ingredients such as salicylic acid will make your scalp very sensitive. So make sure you do not put close to your forehead for 2 to 3 weeks before colouring


Unknown member
Jun 13, 2018

I am using a face wash that has salicylic acid. Is this the reason why my hairline was so sensitive when i did my color?

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