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It has been an absolutely exciting experience being able to assist Women from all Races (Black, White, Asian, Indian, Mixed) all over the World, empower themselves with fabulous hair. We all know self-esteem comes from so many facets and when persons feel good about the appearance and feel of their hair, they can take on the world.

I first created OXX System for myself out of a need for more moisture retention, the results were amazing and women were taking notice. They would stop and ask what I  


was doing and that was when I knew I was surely on to something beneficial and I had to help others. Needless to say, having a salon was the only next step and it was definitely a positive move. It has allowed me to grow the line whenever I realize another need or missing link, so after starting with the Pre-Conditioning Booster, we now have over 7 items. We are obligated to you the consumer, to ensure that every product on the market currently and others to come, will be made with honesty and integrity. Our fundamental principles are based on a complete package and so we have created a one of a kind Website that offers complete support through “How-To-Videos”, “Tips and Advice”, and maintenance demos that will equip you with the necessary information to reach your primary goal…Fabulous Happy Health Hair!

Rest assured we are continuously improving and measuring our results and efforts. Our salon is our “Lab” and if we learn or realize one execution is better than the other, we will make sure you know too. Just check our Blog and Tips for updates. Let us be a part of your “Hair Journey”.We welcome and respect your questions and concerns and will always strive to serve you the best we can.

Suzanne Wilson
Director | CEO

OXX System is the revolutionized approach to haircare which has taken Jamaica by storm with first-class products and services for all hair types. With their mantra being products, standards and guidance, OXX aims to create a difference in the way people of African-textured hair types care for their hair.


Their brand new location at 7-9 Ardenne Road, Unit 4, sports a lavish contemporary design which is spacious enough to offer a wide array of services. The new location boasts three workstations, four sinks, two drying areas and an entire OXX nail care unit within the salon. "We could not do it anymore with just two sinks, with the number of clients we were getting," said director Suzanne Wilson. Every shelf within OXX salon is stocked with OXX System products, which will allow ease of access to persons who are interested in purchasing.


Wilson strikes as a very passionate hair enthusiast that is here to make a difference. "We are not a company that only sells products. We are also here to guide persons of all hair types the right ways to take care of their hair," said Wilson. The OXX System line of products was created to offer more moisture retention. The products include OXX System pH Balanced Shampoo, The Pre-Conditioner Booster, Conditioner, Leave In-Conditioner, Serum, Moisturising Hair, Finisher, Soft Curl Enhancer, Maintenance Oil, Rejuvenating Mist, and even a body butter. Later this year, OXX will be introducing their new Intense Conditioner for the ultimate moisture retention experience and a series of scrubs for their nail care line.


"African textured hair is not meant to be manipulated, but we have to, so our services include teaching the ways to manipulate and care for it," said Wilson. She ardently discussed how many Jamaican women are suffering from traction alopecia, which is the constant pulling of the hair that leads to hair loss. "At OXX, we do not encourage brushing, extensions or weaves. We work with your natural hair in whatever condition it is," said Wilson.


"If you are willing to listen to what we are saying and abide by our standards, you will be pleasantly surprised," said the hair tycoon, who is focused on expanding her products and services to impact all women of African hair texture. As black people, no matter to what degree, our hair [is]our defining quality and is connected to our self-esteem. Wilson's mission is to empower people to love and appreciate their hair more.

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