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OXX Serum & OXX Moisturizing Hair Butter

Looking for Moisturizing products for most hair types that truly help with dry, brittle strands? Just one or two sprays of OXX Serum combined with less than a pea size of OXX Hair Butter (for most hair types), will offer moisture without all that heavy, weighed down looking hair. Watch our videos on "How To Use" dependent on your hair type.​

OXX Maintenance Oil

The OXX Maintenance Oil has been able to support hair growth. Use twice per day every day. Spray on fingertips and apply directly to area/areas with your fingertips. Natural Hair persons only can use this by itself for Thinning Edges or Alopecia? For Relaxed or "Creme" Hair persons, they should mix with the OXX Hair Butter.

OXX Maintenance Oil combined with OXX Moisturizing Hair Butter

Relaxed / Creme Hair persons who are experiencing Thinning Edges or Alopecia, the OXX Maintenance Oil combined with the OXX Hair Butter has been able to support hair growth. Use twice per day every day. Spray Oil on fingertips along with a small amount of Hair Butter and rub together. Then apply directly to area/areas with your fingertips.

OXX Conditioner

The OXX Conditioner works wonders on the Hair, giving it a soft, silky feeling. The many usages are:
1. Quick Leave-in 3 to 5 minutes
2. Deep Conditioner - up to 20 minutes
3. Leave in a small amount for Dryer, Frizzy Hair
4. Apply a small amount before Swimming
5. Use as a "Co-Wash"

OXX Shampoo (Not Sulphate, Why?)

There are two different types of Sulfates - SLS and SLES. Where SLS can be quite harsh and may cause extra dryness, the OXX Shampoo has SLES which means it cleans gently yet effectively, without drying the hair strands or scalp. Sulfates are responsible for the actual cleansing action. SULFATE-FREE shampoos will therefore NOT have that level of cleansing and this could lead to scalp issues such as dandruff and other associated problems such as SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS. Therefore, a small amount of sulfate is important, which is how our OXX Shampoo is formulated.

Note: Persons who do the Keratin process should use a Sulfate-free Shampoo as they have product on their strands that need to last for a while. These persons can use the other products in the OXX line to experience softer, shinier hair.

Moisturizing Hair Butter

Easily tangled hair types should use extra Hair Butter the day before you shampoo as this will help reduce tangling. However, do not forget to watch the video that shows how best to shampoo in order to reduce tangling.

No Heat Protector

Ever wonder why OXX System has no heat protector? Well, the reason is that there is no such thing as a “heat protector” for the hair. That’s right… it is not going to be protecting you from any heat at all. Our analogy is (Caution: PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS AS YOU WILL GET BURNT)let us consider spraying a few drops of a “heat protector” and rubbing all over the hand while heating your flat or curling iron to 375 degrees or whatever heat you use. Then you will put your hand in between the plates of the iron and press. I guarantee you will get burnt at the 375 degrees you set. Ladies, the reason why you are not feeling the heat on your hair is that strands are dead matter. That’s right…DEAD! A serum can help with a smoother glide – like frying an egg where the egg won’t stick with the oil but whether or not the oil is in the pan, it will cook. So please, do not think that any oil or serum will be protecting your hair from the heat. Absolutely impossible.

Co-Wash – How To

Shampooing is necessary we understand, but you really do not have to use the shampoo every time. In between shampoos, try co-washing instead. You will be able to remove some build-up for sure.


Product Must-Haves – OXX Conditioner  I  OXX Leave-in Conditioner

First allow the water (preferably warm) to run through hair and rinse without twirling the hair around, so as NOT to create tangles/knots. Do this for about a minute while LIGHTLY massaging the scalp in order to release the buildup. After rinsing, apply the OXX Conditioner liberally and allow to sit for at least 2 to 3  minutes, or as long as you wish. When rising the conditioner, follow the technique the OXX Team recommends, which is to Gently use a wide tooth comb while the water is running through the strands. After rinsing, section and spray the OXX Leave-in Conditioner all over as shown here.

Persons with straighter hair types (Caucasian, Indian, Asain) may style as usual.

If you have dryer, coarser hair or if your hair is relaxed/processed, apply OXX Hair Butter and OXX Serum combination all over. Persons with relaxed hair should try to use as little heat and manipulation as possible at this time. Instead, part the hair in about 4 to 6 sections, and taking each section at a time, use the blow-dryer to partially dry the hair and this should be done while holding that section. This will prevent the hair from blowing all over which will create tangles. You will not have to dry fully but it should be partially dry. Then put your hair in a very LOOSE bun without putting pressure on the strands.

If you have more mixed hair type and wear it curly and natural, then you may also apply some OXX Serum and OXX Hair Butter. You may watch this demo. We would recommend you use a diffuser to either fully dry the hair or to remove most of the water.

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