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Lady in OXX System
  • 1. What are the OXX Products?
    Shampoo, Booster, Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, Serum, Hair Butter, Finisher, Soft Curl Enhancer, Leave-In Mist, Maintenance Oil Also Satin Head Wear: Bonnets, Velcro Wraps, Scarves Satin: Standard Pillow Cases, King Size Pillow Cases
  • 2. Who can use the OXX Products?
    Everyone…Woman, Man, Child regardless of Race or hair texture/type
  • 3. What makes OXX so special and different?
    The truth is that most of the information out there for Black people type hair is not always right or sufficient. We are trying to make changes with truthful information that will encourage Black Women to have products that offer excellent moisture along with changing the way they handle their hair. Our Company abide by the fact that “Knowledge is Power” so we ensure we educate and empower women with facts. As such, we make sure our website has many facets of educating…videos, tips, etc., plus we are always adding as there is always something new to learn.
  • 4. How soon do you notice a difference in your hair and how long will it last?
    There is an immediate difference with moisture and softness. African/Black people type hair, especially if relaxed and persons with more dry/ damaged hair will have to maintain with the OXX maintenance products in between shampoos. OXX System, in its entirety (products and unfamiliar hair care practices), is a lifestyle change and with constant usage will encourage a continous head of beautfiful hair!
  • 5. How does OXX System and the OXX Team deal with hair loss issues?
    First of all , there are two types of hair loss: actual excess hair loss from the scalp and “breakage” where the hair breaks anywhere on the strand. Excess hair loss is typically alopecia and there are many types of alopecia. They are androgenetic (genetic), traction (tight styles), and stress alopecia to name a few. We usually recommend persons go to a Dermatologist to know exactly what type they have but we have realized that many Black Women will have traction alopecia due to tight hair styles and brushing. So the OXX Team will recommend the OXX methodologies which encourages changes in the way persons handle and care for their hair, along with using the OXX products.
  • 6.How can OXX help with hair breakage?
    The OXX Team will recommend the OXX methodologies which encourages changes in the way persons handle and care for their hair, along with using the OXX products.
  • 7. Why no brushing?
    We absolutely do NOT recommend African/Black textured hair persons (especilly if Relaxed or coloured) to brush their hair. Look on the picture below. You will notice that African hair is very fragile and delicate due to the high porosity. Why would anyone want to brush strands that will only break (just look on the floor and in the sink in your bathroom)? So NO MORE Brushing!
  • 8. Why OXX promotes minimum combing and more hand/fingers manipulation?
    The reason is the same as question 7. We love to ask a question…”Would you cut off your nose to spite your face?” I do not think so. So why would you do things that promote your hair strands breaking ? Makes no sense right? We have proven that when persons use our OXX products and abide by our unfamiliar hair care practices, they have excellent retention results. Retention of moisture and retention of the hair strands.
  • 9. Does OXX guarantee 100% satisfaction?
    Yes!!! Use the OXX products with the OXX practices (such as no brushing etc.) and you will be guaranteed a fabulous head of hair.
  • 10. Are OXX Products a once in a while treatment?
    Not at all! We are a lifestyle change. Continuous and proper usage of the products along with our unfamiliar hair care practices is the only way to experience the benefits.
  • 11. Is OXX a protein treatment?
    No but the Booster Treatment mimics a protein treatment. Be aware that a Protein treatment can cause dryness which is why our Booster Treatment is only left in the hair for 3 minutes and then followed with our OXX Conditioner
  • 12. Is OXX a moisturizing treatment?
    The OXX products offer excellent moisture retention for the hair. We guarantee a moisturizing look and feel when products are not combined with other brands.
  • 13. Should we Oil our scalp?
    Unless you are putting the OXX Maintenance Oil on your scalp for stimulation (natural hair may use the OXX Maintenance Oil by itself while relaxed hair should combine the OXX Maintenance Oil with OXX Hair butter before applying) you should definitely NOT oil your scalp. Your scalp secretes natural Oils from the pores everyday.
  • 14. Should OXX products be used with other brands?
    We can only guarantee the best results if not combined with other brands. For instance, if you only use the maintenance products, although you should have better moisture retention, it will not be the ideal results as we do not know if you have heavy product/build-up to interfere with the penetration. But, if you are not able to purchase the full line at once, here are a few tips that you should abide by and check other recommendations on our Website’s Tips and Advice page: Do not use the Booster after using a sulfate-free shampoo unless you have a Brazilian/Keratin treatment in your hair. A sulfate-free shampoo will not encourage proper retention of the Booster Treatment Do not use a Setting lotion to set the hair. Instead, set your hair with the OXX Leave-In Conditioner along with a combination of OXX Hair Butter and OXX Serum Do not use a gel to hold your hair as it is drying and will cause breakage. For instance, persons wishing to smooth their hair lines should combine the OXX Hair Butter with the OXX Serum and OXXFinisher (or OXX Soft Curl Enhancer) in the palms of your hands and apply gently to the hair line. You may even spray a small amount of OXX Leave-In Mist after to add more moisture
  • 15. Does Colour (such as Rinse, Semi-permanent. Demi-Permanent, Permanent) and Relaxer/Crème work well together and what does the OXX Team recommend to help the breakage and dryness these combinations cause?"
    First of all, Relaxer/Crème (some persons says Processed) and any type of colour do NOT go well together especially if you have African / Black people type hair! That is a fact. Actually, experience has proven that when persons with Relaxed hair use a natural Henna dye the result is very damaging too. Once again, the OXX Team will recommend proper usage of our products and STRICTLY emphasize following our unfamiliar hair care practices. This will reduce the amount of breakage and dryness and encourage length retention.
  • 16. Why doesn’t OXX have a sulfate-free shampoo?
    First of all, as sulfate-free shampoo does not enable proper removal of products. This is detrimental for curlier hair and persons who Relax/Crème who tend to use more products than others with naturally straight, silkier hair. Just as a Dermatologist will encourage gentle exfoliation for the skin to remove dead cells etc., the same way it is important to remove build-up from the hair. Our OXX shampoo removes thoroughly but gently which then allows for better penetration of the products after. Even persons with colour in their hair can use our shampoo as it is not harsh. It is difficult to have penetration if there is a barrier. Actually, it will eventually cause extreme dryness after a while. We do realize there are times for a sulfate-free shampoo and this is especially for persons who do a Keratin treatment which is a semi-permanent straightening. We do not have that type of product in our line so there is no need for us to manufacture a sulfate-free shampoo.
  • 17. Does OXX have issues with Wigs?
    We definitely prefer wigs but with caution. NO to lace front wigs as these wreak havoc on the hairline. Also, please take heed of the fact that the base of wigs are typically mesh or some other type of material that cause dryness and because of the materials used, Afro-textured hair will get caught in the grooves and get pulled. For this reason, if you have to wear a wig, please do some LOOSE corn-rows or a couple twists that are not tight underneath. Go to our Tips and Advice page and see how bad mesh type materials are.


African/Textured (Black Persons Hair, Especially Relaxed and/or Coloured). 

  1. Cannot Change Biological Structure of Hair.

  2. This Picture Shows How Fragile African/Black Persons type hair is. Would YOU Brush that? NO!!!

hair strands undr a microscope

Caucasian hair

Mongoloid Asian


Black persons type - Hair is Fragile and Delicate

     1. Always Break


Black persons type hair - OXX Products and Standards Combined​​​

  1. Better Moisture Retention

  2. Reduce Breakage

Black persons type hair - No More Brushing

Relaxed Hair Especially!​

  1. Only Comb with Large Wide Tooth Comb

  2. Shampoo Day All Over

  3. During the Week – Use Comb to Lift Roots Only

  4. Groom with Hands and Fingers for Rest of Hair


Relaxed Hair


  2. Colour does not go well with chemical - This also includes a Rinse.

  3. Braids break Relaxed Hair faster than Natural Hair.

  4. Extensions Break Relaxed Hair faster than Natural Hair

No Tight Hair Styles

Causes Alopecia and Breakage


No Tight Braids 

Alopecia and Breakage

Never Rope Twists

Dangerous Breakage

Extensions and Weaves

Alopecia and Breakage

Use Satin or Silk Headwear

No Mesh or Cotton or Wool Headwear

Do Not Oil Scalp

Every Human being produces oil naturally called Sebum

It is your hair that needs the moisturizing. NOT your scalp!

No Elastics for Relaxed Hair Especially

No Pins That Clamp on the Hair

No Clips That Clamp on the Hair

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