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Hair was not created equally. African Textured Hair (Black People / Afro-Type Hair), Relaxed or in a Natural state cannot and should not abide by the Brushing rule. Honestly, Brushing eventually destroys even more resilient hair types (Caucasian for instance). It is mechanical damage that "chips" away at hair cuticles and Brushing is one of the worst. For these reasons, OXX System recommends that African/Black people type of hair should NEVER Brush.


Watch this video...OXX Lady Grooming Advice for Relaxed Hair


Try combing no more than once per day, especially for African Textured (Black People / Afro-Type) Relaxed Hair. Our hands can do a lot where grooming is concerned. Get in the habit of "palming" by gently rubbing your hands in sections along the hair shaft from roots to ends as opposed to combing. Use your fingers to lift hair as opposed to a comb at times. Don't wreak havoc on your poor strands by combing many times a day. Just think of all those broken pieces of hair on the floor? Not worth it. Practice pin is quite effective.

Watch this video...
OXX Lady Grooming Advice for Relaxed Hair

Mechanical Manipulation (Brushing and too much combing)

If you were to look on a hair strand under a microscope it is similar to the bark of a tree. For Persons with dry hair, the cuticle layers (outermost layer of the hair) are lifted. What if you were to stand beside a tree with a brush in one hand and wide teeth comb in the other. Look up and brush the trunk of the tree and I guarantee particles will fall in your eyes. Now take the wide teeth comb and glide along the trunk. There will be fewer particles falling in your eyes. Now put the brush and comb down and then take your hands and slide along the bark. I know you will have little to no worries about your eyes as nothing will fall. This is the same concept for your hair. Dryer hair breaks easily with how gentle or rough when handling and depending on what you use to groom it with. Better handling means less hair lost every day. 

Watch this video...
OXX Lady Grooming Advice for Relaxed Hair

Bendable Sticks/Rods Flexi-Rods

For women with African-Textured (Black People / Afro type) Relaxed hair, ABSOLUTELY Not! Dryer Hair types should also avoid as much as possible. Those rods are sponge-like material. Remember a sponge absorbs. As previously suggested, start practicing pin curls or use plastic rollers. Wire rollers are also "okay" when hair is not wet as long as they do not have those "spikes" that grab the hair.

Heated Curlers

Honestly, too much direct heat. Thicker, less fine and susceptible Caucasian, straighter hair types can get away with them but it is still recommended to use infrequently. On the other hand. African-textured (Black People / Afro type)hair should never use them. Never, ever. It will cause further dryness and brittleness.

Tail Combs

Although OXX's methods do include a tail comb, we advise minimal usage. The teeth are not long and are closely set together. For African-Textured (Black People / Afro type) Relaxed / Creme hair, we advise usage on Shampoo day after using your large wide teeth comb to detangle. You may also use during the week for fly-aways in the front and back but gently comb while doing so. You may combine a mixture of OXX Leave-in Mist, OXX Serum and OXX Hair-Butter before combing to help smooth and hold without any stiffness. 

Watch this video...OXX Lady Grooming Advice for Relaxed Hair

Velcro Rollers and Sponge Rollers

NOT for Afro-textured (Black People / Afro type) Relaxed / Creme hair types. These type rollers will snag strands easily. They will also cause more dryness and absorb moisture. Stay away!!! For Afro-Textured Natural Hair, the Velcro Rollers will snag and the Sponge will absorb moisture.


"Instyler" or any Styling Brush

Never, Ever, Ever use this kind of products on African-Textured (Black People / Afro type), whether Relaxed or Natural or Dry hair. You will end up with a lot of dry, broken strands. Please remember that one side is a Brush. Definitely not a device to be using.

Using a Flat-Iron or Curling-Iron Between Shampoos

Only use Flat-irons and Curling-irons on the day of shampooing and not until you shampoo again. In other words, do not use any heat on the hair in between shampoos. When persons, especially with dry hair types apply heat to the hair often, it will definitely create more damage. The hair will become more brittle and ultimately break. Definitely not worth the frustration. Instead, try protective styles when going to sleep in order to stop temptation when getting ready.

You may view our video 
Pin-Curl and Wrapping...How to do easily. Practice makes perfect for some tips



The base of Wigs typically is made of a material that is very damaging to African type (Black People / Afro type) textured hair (relaxed or natural). It is important to be aware of this as it causes pulling on your hair underneath. Whenever wearing wigs, make sure you either sew a piece of satin or silk material on the base or wear a satin or silk scarf before wearing the wig.

Hair Nets

Many food handlers have to wear hair nets which is quite necessary. Unfortunately, this will cause breakage on African type (Black People / Afro type) textured hair (relaxed or natural). Please ask your employer if you can wear a satin or silk scarf before the net. This will ensure less friction on the hair.

Mesh Wrap

Absolutely NOT!!! Did you read above where we explained how the "Hair Net" causes breakage to the hair? The FACT is that African Type (Black People / Afro type)Textured Hair WILL get caught in the grooves of the Mesh due to Friction, especially when sleeping. You must ONLY and I do mean ONLY use Satin or Silk head wraps.

Clips (Recommended to use)

For Black Women with Relaxed / Creme hair, these clips are okay to use in your hair. The three clips on the left-hand side (top, center and bottom) are best not worn to bed. The two on the right-hand side (top and center) are okay for wearing to bed. If you have Relaxed/Creme hair, remember you have to be more careful how you handle and what you put in your hair as it is more fragile than when in a natural state.

Clips (Not Recommended to use)

For Black Women with Relaxed / Creme hair, these are the types of clips that often pull the strands as they close tightly. African/Black persons with natural hair can get away with wearing tighter clips (although not recommended) but persons with Relaxed/Creme hair will see more hair coming out with these clips when removing the clips. It is best to not wear them at all. Whatever you do, stay away from elastic type clips. Persons want to have their hair left on their head...not in the clip!

Breakage by the Ears Because of Eyeglasses "ARMS"

Persons with African/ Black People type hair that is Relaxed/Creme, wearing glasses can cause breakage by the ears. OXX recommends that you use a small combination of OXX Serum and OXX Hair butter in that area daily in order to reduce the constant friction of the eyeglass frames. OXX advises that you also lift the hair in that area before putting on eyeglasses so as not to have it resting directly on the hair. 

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