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Relaxing is a very serious procedure and as such, there are some precautions persons can take at least a week before having it done. If you are using facial products that contain salicylic acid or any type of chemical peel, stay at least one inch away from your hairline for 1 week or more before your appointment. When you are rinsing, it would be better to use a cloth to ensure you do not get any remnants close to the roots. Exfoliating ingredients or products will cause extra sensitivity and may very well increase the chance of relaxer burns. Most persons are already aware of the “no scratching of the scalp or extra manipulation of the scalp”.


Some types of medications can and will make the hair and skin dryer. Many times, if your skin feels dryer because of what you are taking, chances are your hair is also being affected. Black Women with more Afro-textured hair (especially when relaxed /crème) will experience these negative effects more than persons with naturally straight texture. Increase the usage of the OXX maintenance combination while using these types of medications and perfect the NO COMBING after the day of shampoo methodology to ensure less hair on the ground and in the sink breakage. Some of the drugs we have personal experience in the salon that increases brittleness for African/Black people type hair especially when relaxed/crème are:
a. Anti-histamines
b. Excess intake of Vitamin C
c. Diabetic medications
d. Cold, nasal and mucous medicines
e. Accutane

Eczema and Seborrheic Dermatitis (Dandruff)

Eczema and Seborrheic Dermatitis (Dandruff) seem to be quite common these days and although many have tried natural remedies such as Virgin Coconut Oil and Vinegar, the problem may never go away. Our experience is that stress and certain foods (gluten, dairy, corn) do trigger the issue. Please be careful if you are under Medical treatment as the ointments/liquids prescribed WILL usually BREAK African / Black Texture hair, especially if it is relaxed/crème and/or colored. If you are using a medicated shampoo, be extra careful and take a q-tip or your fingertip and apply ONLY on the scalp. Unfortunately, it may still cause some breakage but at least you are reducing the problem. You will need to increase the usage of our OXX Maintenace combination – Serum, Hair Butter but not on your scalp...on the hair only.

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