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Moisturizing Hair Butter

Easily tangled hair types should use extra Hair Butter the day before you shampoo as this will help reduce tangling. However, do not forget to watch the video that shows how best to shampoo in order to reduce tangling.


Try combing no more than once per day, especially for African Textured (Black People / Afro-Type) Relaxed Hair. Our hands can do a lot where grooming is concerned. Get in the habit of "palming" by gently rubbing your hands in sections along the hair shaft from roots to ends as opposed to combing. Use your fingers to lift hair as opposed to a comb at times. Don't wreak havoc on your poor strands by combing many times a day. Just think of all those broken pieces of hair on the floor? Not worth it. Practice pin is quite effective.

Watch this video...OXX Lady Grooming Advice for Relaxed Hair


Hair was not created equally. African Textured Hair (Black People / Afro-Type Hair), Relaxed or in a Natural state cannot and should not abide by the Brushing rule. Honestly, Brushing eventually destroys even more resilient hair types (Caucasian for instance). It is mechanical damage that "chips" away at hair cuticles and Brushing is one of the worst. For these reasons, OXX System recommends that African/Black people type of hair should NEVER Brush.

Watch this video...OXX Lady Grooming Advice for Relaxed Hair

Hair Length

It is a FACT that hair grows, yet many with African-Textured (Black People / Afro- Type hair) Relaxed or Natural hair complain about no hair growth or sparse, stringy long strands. Well, stop for a minute and consider the last dreadlocks and sisterlocks persons you saw? If they had that style for a while, wasn't the locks long? Now...what are they doing so significantly different than you suffering from apparent growth problems? MECHANICAL MANIPULATION!!! This means that persons with African (Black People) type hair especially Relaxed / Creme hair MUST stop handling their hair so much. This means NO BRUSHING and only combing with a Large, wide teeth comb. Also, try to comb only ONCE in between shampoos. Yes, OXX recommends manipulating your hair as little as possible when you have Black People type hair, especially when relaxed.

Watch this video...OXX Lady Grooming Advice for Relaxed Hair

Mechanical Manipulation (Brushing and too much combing)

If you were to look on a hair strand under a microscope it is similar to the bark of a tree. For Persons with dry hair, the cuticle layers (outermost layer of the hair) are lifted. What if you were to stand beside a tree with a brush in one hand and wide teeth comb in the other. Look up and brush the trunk of the tree and I guarantee particles will fall in your eyes. Now take the wide teeth comb and glide along the trunk. There will be fewer particles falling in your eyes. Now put the brush and comb down and then take your hands and slide along the bark. I know you will have little to no worries about your eyes as nothing will fall. This is the same concept for your hair. Dryer hair breaks easily with how gentle or rough when handling and depending on what you use to groom it with. Better handling means less hair lost every day. 

Watch this video...OXX Lady Grooming Advice for Relaxed Hair

Fly Aways

Keeping Fly Aways down does not need brushing. The Healthier way is to use spray the OXX Leave-in Rejuvenating Mist in the area. After, apply one spray of the OXX Serum in the palm along with a small amount of OXX Hair Butter. Rub palms together and apply directly on top of the area. Then use a fine teeth comb and gently comb. It is also advisable to sleep with a satin or silk head wear to not create friction while sleeping which will make it less difficult to manage in morning.

Using your Hands and Fingers to Groom

We were given our Hands and Fingers for a reason. African-Textured Relaxed Hair persons (Black Women with relaxed "creme" hair) must trust that their Fingers and Hands can groom and style. It just takes practice. Yes, you do need your wide-teeth comb (never, ever Brush), especially on the day you shampoo, but you can and should decrease the number of times in between shampoos that you do comb. Less is much better and you will definitely see less breakage.

Grey Hair and Blonde Hair

Persons with over 20% Grey Hair and very light Ash Blonde hair should combine OXX Pre-Conditioning Booster with OXX Conditioner (more Conditioner than Pre-Conditioning ratio). This is due to the tenacity of the Pre-Conditioning so sometimes the greys will pick up a golden hue. The time will still be 3 minutes on the hair. Add more Conditioner if needed.

Sulphate-Free Shampoos

Why do you shampoo? Is it not to remove dirt and build-up from the hair shaft and scalp? Would you not agree that many African-Textured (Black People / Afro type)hair persons (Relaxed or in a Natural state) use more maintenance products in order to lessen dryness? Well, the truth is out. Sulphate-free Shampoos do NOT clean effectively. With this fact in mind, is it not better to remove the build-up gently, yet effectively? 

The process is this simple with the OXX System. Shampoo thoroughly yet gently and then follow with the rest of the OXX Product line to put back necessary moisture in the hair. 

Because Sulphate-free Shampoos do NOT clean the hair effectively, it will eventually cause more build-up and dryness. Persons who are candidates for a Sulphate-free Shampoo have a Keratin Treatment in the hair. This type of Shampoo is then necessary so as not to remove the chemical from the shaft quicker than expected.

Dandruff, Flaky Scalp

Suffering from dry, flaky scalp? Many persons will automatically say it is "dandruff" but there are many reasons why this happens. Seborrheic dermatitis and eczema are the most common. Unfortunately, the ointments and solutions prescribed for these issues cause breakage as their purpose is to make the scalp drier and kill the fungus. When using these medications, please make sure that they do not touch your hair (very hard to do). Also, the medicated shampoos also cause breakage. 

Try shampooing every 5 days and do NOT oil the scalp. Yes...many Black Women have the tendency to Oil the scalp and this is not advised. The yeast that is the culprit for those flakes will only be too happy to have more of the oil you are applying to the scalp. Unless it is an oil that stops the yeast problem, please do not oil the scalp before styling.

Note to self...although there are some who may dispute this, we realized that our clients who stop eating wheat, anything made with flour, dairy and corn, these persons do not suffer from these scalp issues or the problem is extremely reduced.


Curly Hair and African Type (Black People / Afro type) Textured Hair without Relaxer will Love this combination not only when Shampooing but Between Shampoos. Dry Hair needs moisture, so spray some Leave-in Mist and then mix a couple of sprays of the OXX SErum with a small amount of the OXX Hair Butter and apply to the hair in sections. You may reapply as often as needed.

Breakage by the Ears Because of Eyeglasses "ARMS"

Persons with African/ Black People type hair that is Relaxed/Creme, wearing glasses can cause breakage by the ears. OXX recommends that you use a small combination of OXX Serum and OXX Hair butter in that area daily in order to reduce the constant friction of the eyeglass frames. OXX advises that you also lift the hair in that area before putting on eyeglasses so as not to have it resting directly on the hair. 

Black Women With Relaxed Hair Sleeping With Pony Tail

The OXX System Team has come to the realization that Black Women with Relaxed /processed hair who sleep with their hair in a ponytail may start experiencing breakage exactly where the clip is placed. This will mean that the sides of the hair, the extreme back and the top will be short. We do not advise this at all.

Please view the video "How to Secure Hair When Going to Bed"

Co-Wash – How To

Shampooing is necessary we understand, but you really do not have to use the shampoo every time. In between shampoos, try co-washing instead. You will be able to remove some build-up for sure.

Product Must-Haves – OXX Conditioner  I  OXX Leave-in Conditioner

First allow the water (preferably warm) to run through hair and rinse without twirling the hair around, so as NOT to create tangles/knots. Do this for about a minute while LIGHTLY massaging the scalp in order to release the buildup. After rinsing, apply the OXX Conditioner liberally and allow to sit for at least 2 to 3  minutes, or as long as you wish. When rising the conditioner, follow the technique the OXX Team recommends, which is to Gently use a wide tooth comb while the water is running through the strands. After rinsing, section and spray the OXX Leave-in Conditioner all over as shown here.

Persons with straighter hair types (Caucasian, Indian, Asain) may style as usual.

If you have dryer, coarser hair or if your hair is relaxed/processed, apply OXX Hair Butter and OXX Serum combination all over. Persons with relaxed hair should try to use as little heat and manipulation as possible at this time. Instead, part the hair in about 4 to 6 sections, and taking each section at a time, use the blow-dryer to partially dry the hair and this should be done while holding that section. This will prevent the hair from blowing all over which will create tangles. You will not have to dry fully but it should be partially dry. Then put your hair in a very LOOSE bun without putting pressure on the strands.

If you have more mixed hair type and wear it curly and natural, then you may also apply some OXX Serum and OXX Hair Butter. You may watch this demo. We would recommend you use a diffuser to either fully dry the hair or to remove most of the water.

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