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For Relaxed Afro-Textured, Hispanic & Curly Caucasian Hair Types

For Caucasian / Asian Textured Hair

Natural / Afro & Curly Textured Hair

Fabulous hair with these Amazing Bargains! Get the best results for the best value. 

Curly Fab - Package 1 | Persons with Natural Hair such as Afro-Textured (Black people); Hispanic or Curlier Mixed Hair. Also, abide by the OXX Standards for best results.


Sexy Straight - Package 2  | Persons with Caucasian or Straighter hair types. Quick and easy steps. Check out videos pertaining to your hair on our website.


All Fabulous - Package 3  | Persons with Afro/Black People type hair that is Relaxed/Creme. Abide by OXX Standards also. Thicker Caucasian or Straight Frizzy Hair can use also

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