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100% Natural OXX Maintenance Oils is lighter than many other Oils. The effective absorption delivers beneficial nutrients and moisture without build-up.

Recommendations: This product stimulates scalp for traction and stress alopecia but will definitely not be able to help if the pores are closed. This means there is scar tissue. Persons who wear tight hair styles, extensions and tight braids constantly will have alopecia but there is no guarantee all the hair will grow back in these bald areas. Persons of all Races with Natural hair can apply the Maintenance Oil by itself on the scalp. Persons with Afro-textured Relaxed hair must combine a small amount of OXX Hair Butter along with the Maintenance Oil before applying to the scalp. 

Maintenance Oils 1 oz

  • Suffering from Traction (tight) or Stress alopecia? The OXX Maintenance Oil has stimulating ingredients for your scalp (not your hair...remember your hair grows from the scalp).

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