It never fails to amaze me how our bodies can “switch up” on us, seemingly at will. Today a person can eat a ton of shrimp and Everyone who knows me will testify I am very aware of any changes to my skin and body overall. This doesn’t mean I will not cheat and eat ice-cream even though it sets off my sinuses, but it is important I reduce the amount of negative triggers as much as possible.

I wear false lashes and prefer to use the strips as I do not have lash loss with them. At least, not the way I apply. Now here’s the favorite glue just turned on me in the worst way and I am so disappointed. Whenever applying, the strip is placed as close to my lashes as possible but only on the lid. This will ensure there is no tugging or pulling when removing the lashes at nights. Unfortunately, about three weeks ago, after my nightly routine of removing the strip, cleansing my face, etc., I felt a slightly burning sensation on both lids towards the outer corners. This was a bit alarming as I don’t wear full strips and instead cut them in half as I prefer a more natural effect. When I looked in the mirror, I noticed some redness and slight puffiness. I was alarmed but figured it was probably time to change the strips as I usually wear the same ones for about a week or two.

The following morning, I prepared a new one, applied and went off to work. That afternoon, as I removed the strips and washed my face, the burning was worst and the redness a bit more noticeable. After giving the situation some serious thought, it occurred to me it would be either the lashes themselves or the eyeliner. But then, why would the eyeliner, which was placed on my entire lid, only affect the area the lashes were placed right? So I eliminated the liner and would see if after changing the glue, that reaction would stop…and it did. I am now using the self-adhesive strips and will be purchasing another brand glue as an alternative.

I am so upset about this as that glue was very sturdy and easy to use. I would not recommend the strip-adhesive in windy situations, by the way. Luckily for me, I was wearing dark glasses at the beach a couple weeks ago when I noticed something dangling at the corner of my eye and, it was my lashes. Those strips are great but not for all occasions. Nevertheless, just be very careful with your eyes. We have a client whose eyes are damaged because she left in her contact lenses for 24 hours. When I saw the negative reaction to the glue, as much as I love the results, it just was not worth it. Honestly, I thought of keeping the glue to use on special occasions but why take the chance? My eyes are too important.

So be careful everyone. Pay attention to your body. Watch reactions like a hawk!

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

One of the staples that most women around the world do is shave and top of the list are legs and underarms. On the other hand, waxing and lasers have been the "go to" for quite a few persons as the hair growth is reduced and especially with lasers, hair may stop growing after a few treatments. But there is a huge myth so many believe and I feel the need to squash such.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your hair does not grow thicker because you shave. That is a worldwide myth that just does not seem to fade. Your hair grows from the roots and not the ends. This means there is no "message" transmitted from the ends telling the roots (under the skin) that the hair has been cut and so the follicle (under the skin) must grow more hair. It is scientifically impossible for that to happen. If this was so, oh how happy many persons going bald would benefit with that advantage? I mean, all those men and women suffering with baldness and thinning would instead shave and get thicker hair right? Not at all!

The truth is that whenever you shave your legs or arms, you are cutting the hair off from the surface of the skin. While the hair is growing back, it is more of a stubble and the tip of the hair feels rough and coarse. But at no point does that shaving or coarseness affect what is happening underneath the skin. At no point is the follicle (where the hair grows out from) below the skin affected by the razor you used. It does not even know what has happened, unless you cut the skin. Makes sense right? I know you are understanding :)

Of course, there are some persons who do experience less growth after a long period of waxing. On the other hand, if many persons who continually wax were to actually allow all the hair to grow back in a specific area, I guarantee many would experience "dejavu"...right back to same amount of thickness they had before waxing. Needless to say, it happened to me and I was so frustrated. But this was many years ago and I was not as informed.

This is why when I went to get a couple laser treatments, the Dermatologist advised me to only shave and not wax. The reason is that waxing affects the growth underneath the skin as it pulls the hair from the follicle. Now, hair does not necessarily grow at the same speed and this will create that illusion of less hair. This is unlike shaving where you are going to have all the hair strands within the follicles underneath the skin, so growth will be more even. Although laser affects the follicles, the strands have to be in tact as the beam actually needs the hair to reach the follicle. Waxing cannot guarantee this as the strands may grow back very unevenly.

So once and for all, do not believe the hype. The only bad things about shaving is the possibility of cutting yourself and the constant act of shaving. It does not make your hair thicker and does not make your hair grow faster. Absolutely ridiculous!

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family!

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So, have you ever wondered why your hair frizz? Why no matter how sleek it looks after styling, where it feels as if it would be impossible for those smooth strands to do anything other than "stay smooth and sleek" comes humidity and "Boom"... there goes your hair to frizzy and unruly? So annoying to say the least. I mean seriously...who wants that? Spoils the mood right? Frustrating!

For those of you who read and/or watch our informative pages on the OXX Website, you know we prefer using analogies in order to better enable persons to understand the reasons why they have hair issues. And this time is no different.

Every strand of hair has an outer most layer (just as our body's outermost layer is our skin) and it is called the cuticle layer. Now let us compare the hair strand itself as a "house" and the cuticle layers as the "windows" on the walls of the house. If you live in a warm climate as we do, rest assured the air-conditioner is one appliance that must be at its peak performance at all times. Remember our comparison of the house (strand) and the windows (cuticle outermost layer)? Can you imagine purchasing an air conditioner for the house and turning it on with all those windows open? Not only would you not be able to feel very cool, but you would have a huge electric bill. Just ask the person with dry or damaged hair how much money is spent per year on hair products trying to find the answer to their problems...ALOT!!!

Case in point...because your strand's cuticle layers are lifted, it is very difficult to retain moisture within the hair. Because the "windows" are open, damaged or naturally dry hair will frizz easily. It is also hard for this hair type to hold on to products that make it feel softer. This is all due to the openness (open windows)...why the water particles in the air is able to affect the strand too. Everything is wide open...literally...process of "osmosis'.

This is why our OXX Pre-Conditioning Booster is so much appreciated as it helps the strands have better retention and allows conditioners, and other moisturizing products do their work . After using the OXX Shampoo (not a sulfate-free as those do not remove build-up), you apply the OXX Booster and leave in for no longer than 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and then apply OXX Conditioner etc.

You will notice the strands will feel more supple and silky, all because you have now been able to hold on to the ingredients in the Conditioner better. Think of it as the "house" having some "curtains" in the "windows". The "curtains" represent the "OXX Booster". We also like to call the Booster "little sponges" as sponges absorb.

So your are left with hair that is silkier and more fabulous! Bouncier and Healthier for sure. And the good thing is that you may use the Booster once per week as it is a natural blend of Oils and other beneficial ingredients.

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