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It never fails to amaze me how our bodies can “switch up” on us, seemingly at will. Today a person can eat a ton of shrimp and Everyone who knows me will testify I am very aware of any changes to my skin and body overall. This doesn’t mean I will not cheat and eat ice-cream even though it sets off my sinuses, but it is important I reduce the amount of negative triggers as much as possible.

I wear false lashes and prefer to use the strips as I do not have lash loss with them. At least, not the way I apply. Now here’s the favorite glue just turned on me in the worst way and I am so disappointed. Whenever applying, the strip is placed as close to my lashes as possible but only on the lid. This will ensure there is no tugging or pulling when removing the lashes at nights. Unfortunately, about three weeks ago, after my nightly routine of removing the strip, cleansing my face, etc., I felt a slightly burning sensation on both lids towards the outer corners. This was a bit alarming as I don’t wear full strips and instead cut them in half as I prefer a more natural effect. When I looked in the mirror, I noticed some redness and slight puffiness. I was alarmed but figured it was probably time to change the strips as I usually wear the same ones for about a week or two.

The following morning, I prepared a new one, applied and went off to work. That afternoon, as I removed the strips and washed my face, the burning was worst and the redness a bit more noticeable. After giving the situation some serious thought, it occurred to me it would be either the lashes themselves or the eyeliner. But then, why would the eyeliner, which was placed on my entire lid, only affect the area the lashes were placed right? So I eliminated the liner and would see if after changing the glue, that reaction would stop…and it did. I am now using the self-adhesive strips and will be purchasing another brand glue as an alternative.

I am so upset about this as that glue was very sturdy and easy to use. I would not recommend the strip-adhesive in windy situations, by the way. Luckily for me, I was wearing dark glasses at the beach a couple weeks ago when I noticed something dangling at the corner of my eye and, it was my lashes. Those strips are great but not for all occasions. Nevertheless, just be very careful with your eyes. We have a client whose eyes are damaged because she left in her contact lenses for 24 hours. When I saw the negative reaction to the glue, as much as I love the results, it just was not worth it. Honestly, I thought of keeping the glue to use on special occasions but why take the chance? My eyes are too important.

So be careful everyone. Pay attention to your body. Watch reactions like a hawk!

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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