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Unconventional Methods 101

Some of the information out there about hair has been wrong from inception, especially about Afro-Textured (Black Persons Type Hair). Brushing your hair (unless you have short hairstyles) will result in excess breakage. Instead, try using your fingers to lightly groom your hair. Our recent videos on Facebook & Instagram goes more into detail.

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Our method, for all hair types is: Shampoo, followed by a Pre-Conditioning Booster; Conditioner, Serum (sometimes mixed with Hair Butter) depending on how moisture-rich you like your hair. We also have a leave in conditioner that can be used as well. This method, created by OXX Sytem, has sustained results and change how people think about their natural hair after just one treatment. See videos below on how to use.

"For Afro-Textured Hair, the system is important. Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-In-Conditioner, Hair Butter and Serum. The booster is an important addition which can be used once a week or when needed. But the Leave-In-Conditioner, is a must. Always!"

from the desk of Suzanne Wilson, Managing Director & CEO of OXX Systems.

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