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My husband and I recently attended a packaging and product exposition in Las Vegas to see what was new in the marketplace.

Even though we had been purchasing bottles from a manufacturer abroad, it was nice to actually meet their team in person. There was so much to see - flat and curling irons, blow dryers, nail polishes, etc. As expected, everyone was touting their line, claiming to be the best and at times was a bit too much.

On the other hand, we just happened to be passing a booth on the very first day, where a sophisticated lady and gentleman were humbly standing with some of their staff/partners. That alone drew me over as it was a welcoming change to the overwhelming nature of many other participants. They were exhibiting their nail polish line - Naturals Collection.

Must have | Naturals Collection

Until January of this year, 2018, we never offered nail services at the OXX Salon, so if we had attended the Expo before that, I probably wouldn’t have stopped to look. I only wear polish on my toes and really don’t get excited about colors but, for some reason, the look of the bottles, so sophisticated and delicate, drew me in.

Naturals Collection is a line that has both regular polishes (over 100 colors) and gels (40 shades).Their regular polishes have a System - Base, Middle, and Topcoat. At first, their mention of longer lasting polish was nothing to be excited about. We already had a longer lasting fast drying polish, no lamp, being used at the Salon. But when they said their System can be used with other Brand's polishes for extended wear without issues, I was intrigued. How many persons actually stop using regular polishes on their fingers as they just do not last?

They told me to take a package of colors and a System. Honestly, I never really put much thought in it but as it was free, why not! Wellllllllll...after our Nail Specialists used the 5 colors and the System for three weeks, they kept begging me to order from the company. The feedback was positive from clients and apparently the brushes were ergonomically designed, enabling an application like no other. Plus, whatever the color looked like in the bottle is what you got on your nails. Ever see a beautiful color and when you apply it looks totally different? Not with Naturals Collection. I went a step further garnering feedback and loaned a couple other established nail salons to get their reaction and the begging got worst...they wanted the line also.

Needless to say, we are now distributors of this fabulous line in Jamaica and I encourage everyone to try. You will not be sorry whatsoever. Furthermore, they are 100% made in America; 5 toxin free; full of 21 botanicals; vegan; high sheen with a gel-like finish, etc., etc. The regular polishes dry in 5 minutes but not rock hard until about 15 minutes. This means for the first 5 to 15 minutes you may look around in your handbag but not rummage. After 15 or so minutes, you are good to go...the polish is fully dry. Now, this is extremely important to know as polishes that dry rock hard in 5 minutes will eventually damage your nails. This is due to the constricting effect it has on the nails and there is just no getting around the nails eventually becoming dry and brittle. This is not the case with Naturals Collection.

Let's put it this way...we had no intention of distributing anything. We already have our factory producing our own hair and body line. But when you see a good product and the opportunity comes knocking, you have to open the door!

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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