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DIY Makeup Remove?

I know OXX is all about hair products and body butter but I figured why not include another area of great importance...our face!

A few months ago, after tackling some annoying traffic, I realized I forgot to stop and purchase a bottle of makeup remover as mine had finished the previous night. Although I don’t wear foundation, my go-to choices are a combination of three different concealers strategically covering under eyes darkness and other sections of my face. Why three? Ever notice how difficult it can be to “catch” your correct pigment? Well, that’s my issue if I don’t mix a few together.

Thankfully, the consistency of concealers are thicker and as such offer fantastic coverage which makes the removal very important.

Have you ever cleansed your face of makeup and after wiping, noticed some faint color on the towel? My hands are up and waving like crazy. And I can say that after going through a few makeup removers, not all are doing what they claim and can be quite a task.

Anyway, that evening was NOT going to catch me back on the road, attempting another round of traffic, just for a bottle of makeup remover. This left me no other choice but to try my own concoction.

After looking around on my available stock of goodies and “crap”, I remembered a phrase heard years ago while living in New York and working for one of the Cosmetic lines “Oil removes Oil”. At least I think I heard that phrase (my memory can be questionable at times). Regardless, based on that thought, the best choice was a bottle of extra virgin olive oil (doesn’t matter the extra virgin).

First I applied the oil with some cotton directly on the concealed areas. I made it rest for about a minute or so and then used my palms and fingers to gently massage all over the face. I then applied my face wash all over and rinsed with cold water. I prefer cold water on my face in warmer weather and warm water in colder climates. Just to make sure there was no residue, I did another quick wash with the face wash and it worked like a charm. There were no tell-tale signs on the towel. My face was clean as a whistle.

I did purchase another bottle of makeup remover but that’s only because I get bored and like to change up the process a bit. But I can honestly say that it is hardly being used as I poured olive oil in an empty spray bottle and keep it in my bathroom and the olive oil is my preference for the most part. I think I just like the idea it is natural!

So there you go. Another desperate situation enabling us to think out of the box. I just love those moments and will keep on sharing my own. And once again if you have any question or anything to share please shear your tips and stories with us! Just select comment at the bottom of the page.

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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