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Nail/Cuticle | Oil Moisturizer?

I am not one for painting my fingernails ever. For some reason, I think they just look like talons when color is on them.

Well, probably lighter shades wouldn’t be too dramatic but I prefer to leave them clean, short and bare.

On the other hand, even nails without color should look good. I don’t know about other persons but I didn't pay enough attention to my fingernails overall, and this may have been due to the fact they attract little to no attention having no color on them.

Don’t get me wrong. They are always clean. But, for instance, there were times when my cuticles could have been pushed back a bit or the nail bed a little less dry looking. I knew it, but many things I used were not effective enough.

Then one day, one of our clients started to explain how she ran out of her nail /cuticle oil moisturizer and grabbed the OXX Maintenance Oil as an alternative and has never looked back. She said her nails had gotten stronger, the oils offered great moisture and the length had improved.

Honestly, I am not one for long nails but all her other results were definitely a plus. Since then, the OXX Maintenance Oil has been my go-to nail care choice for my finger and toenails and the results are great. I make sure to gently rub around the cuticle areas and a few drops go a long way. What can I say? Thanks much Kerene - our client with great insight 🙂.

Until Next Week, The OXX Family

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