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Colder Weather on Dry Hair!

Many parts of the world, the temperature is getting colder and rest assured, persons with porous hair that is dry or damaged will be feeling the “heat”.

This is because the

strands are not able to properly accept and retain moisture easily.  A perfect analogy to understanding this fact is to consider a house (a strand of hair) with all the windows open (outermost cuticle layer of the strand is lifted and not lying flat) and the air conditioner on the inside (natural sebum it oils from the scalp and/or moisturizer). You know that will be a lot of wasted cool air without much benefit to the persons inside. Most of the air will be going right out the windows and doors in the same way it is difficult for the strands to retain the moisture if the layers are lifted. 

Now, back to the colder temperature issue. It’s not as if we can walk around with a

device that offers ideal hair temperature on our heads. And yes, wearing a hat does

offer warmth for the head but sometimes that is just no good enough and the friction

and material can wreak havoc too.

If you notice more breakage and your strands feel brittle in colder environments, you’re going to need to do some damage control... One of the best solutions is to apply more

than normal amount of moisturizer to the hair and put in a LOOSE bun for straightened hair and for natural coarser curls, LOOSER cornrows is a great way to protect. By the way, clips and pins do make a difference as you will notice on our "Tips and Advice Page". It is important to remember that although your hair is tucked away, it will still need moisture.

Make sure you are applying your moisturizer every day or every other day. OXX Heads will do their combination of OXX Serum and OXX Hair Butter. Persons with natural hair also like to spray OXX Rejuvenating Mist every other day along with the butter and serum. For those persons in biting cold weather, consider wearing a satin bonnet or scarf under your hat, tam or hoodie as further protection and to reduce friction. Remember friction will cause breakage too as we relayed earlier. Many materials are harsh on the head and I have never come across a hat or tam made from satin. Not saying there isn’t, just saying I have never seen.

So, pay attention to your hair. If you’re seeing more breakage while stringently abiding by our OXX Standards brushing and no combing in the week) then you need to step up your hair maintenance   Wherever there is a will, there is Always a way

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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