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Blow Dryer Too Hot!

So many persons believe if the Blow dryer is not burning the scalp and the client silently wishing for that part of the service to be over...

The hair will not be styled properly. It never fails to amaze why there are so many "state of the art" dryers on the market with only one heat gauge, hot enough to fry an egg. Why there are only a few "decent" ones with a few temperature settings, allowing users to make his/her choice? It really is not necessary for all that excess heat.

From our OXX salon experiences, we can vehemently state that every customer/client, regardless of texture hair, has a thorough yet careful blow-dry service with mild heat and the fastest speed. The speed will force the mild heat and help dry the hair faster without burning the cuticle layers. This is extremely important, especially with respect to afro-textured hair (whether in its natural state, relaxed or texturized hair, colored relaxed or colored texturized hair) and damaged Caucasian type hair (Indian, Asian, etc.).

Let us never forget the fact that damaged Caucasian and afro-textured hair types are more porous. This means that the cuticle layers are lifted, therefore making it difficult for moisture and emollient products to stay within the shaft. This is why the hair gets dryer faster.

So just imagine the injustice being done to the strands if all that heat is billowing on such delicate tresses. Now that you think about it...does not make much sense right?

On the other hand, persons with silkier hair types (undamaged Asian, Caucasian, Indian), especially ones who have the tendency to get oilier quite fast, may very well get away with very hot blow dryers. I am not saying it is right, but due to the fact their cuticle layers are laying so flat, it is difficult for the strands to be affected by all that heat. A perfect example is a house with all the windows and doors fully closed...a windy day will not affect the items inside the house, But...if the windows and doors were all open, you better believe things will be blowing all over and even outside, which, is the circumstance of afro-textured hair (relaxed, texturized, colored) and damaged silkier hair types.

We always like persons to try our advice, even if just once. If you do, please tell us what you thought of your experience.

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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