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Chlorine, Salt & Alkaline on Hair Strands

If you’re an OXX Head or know about the OXX System, you are very much aware of our “tried and true” OXX Standards, which entails how the hair should actually be handled, in order to get the best results. This refers to regular daily- care along with occasional routines, such as a pool or beach days.

First of all, let us consider the “Core” structure of the hair, which has an acidic pH Balance. Every hair is acidic regardless of texture or race of a person. On the other hand, whenever persons exercise and swim, you best believe that goes against the natural acidic pH as pools contain chlorine, the sea is salty and exercise typically cause sweat. What do all those three have in common? Alkaline. Oh yes, where alkaline is a healthy balance for your body, it only serves specific purposes re hair (coloring or chemical processes) and should be countered right after with smoothing, acidic products.

So there you go, the sea, sweat and pool water is alkaline and will make the hair feel dry and brittle. With respect to the pool and sea, we recommend applying our OXX Conditioner to the hair beforehand. If you have a man’s/boy’s cut, you may spray the Leave-in Conditioner instead, or alternate between the OXX Conditioner and Leave-in Conditioner each time BEFORE swimming. Either one of these products will neutralize the alkaline level on the hair, allowing for better protection and softness. In fact, you may periodically spray the Leave-in Conditioner and/or Leave-in Mist throughout the day at the beach/pool for even greater protection. Thereafter, it is important to remove the salt as soon as possible and the OXX Shampoo cleans gently but thoroughly. Follow with the rest of the OXX System.

Now here is where you have to be careful. Many persons, especially men, tend to shampoo too often during the week. We recommend to only do so no more than twice per week and on the other days to co-wash. The co-wash process is one where the conditioner is used to rinse the hair as opposed to shampooing. We do not recommend substituting a shampoo with a co-wash too often as it does not remove buildup properly. And do not use the OXX Booster when doing a co-wash.

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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