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Co-Wash – How To?

Shampooing is necessary we understand, but you really do not have to use the shampoo every time. In between shampoos, try co-washing instead. You will be able to remove some build-up for sure!

Have you been OXX'ed?

Product Must-Haves – OXX Conditioner I OXX Leave-in Conditioner.

First allow the water (preferably warm) to run through hair and rinse without twirling the hair around, so as NOT to create tangles/knots. Do this for about a minute while LIGHTLY massaging the scalp in order to release the buildup. After rinsing, apply the OXX Conditioner liberally and allow to sit for at least 2 to 3 minutes, or as long as you wish. When rising the conditioner, follow the technique the OXX Team recommends, which is to Gently use a wide tooth comb while the water is running through the strands. After rinsing, section and spray the OXX Leave-in Conditioner all over as shown here. Persons with straighter hair types (Caucasian, Indian, Asain) may style as usual.

If you have dryer, coarser hair or if your hair is relaxed/processed, apply OXX Hair Butter and OXX Serum combination all over. Persons with relaxed hair should try to use as little heat and manipulation as possible at this time. Instead, part the hair in about 4 to 6 sections, and taking each section at a time, use the blow-dryer to partially dry the hair and this should be done while holding that section. This will prevent the hair from blowing all over which will create tangles. You will not have to dry fully but it should be partially dry. Then put your hair in a very LOOSE bun without putting pressure on the strands.

If you have more mixed hair type and wear it curly and natural, then you may also apply some OXX Serum and OXX Hair Butter. You may watch this demo. We would recommend you use a diffuser to either fully dry the hair or to remove most of the water.

Until next week,

The OXX Family

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Suzanne Wilson
Suzanne Wilson
Aug 04, 2018

Hello catgirlaura, so sorry to hear about your hair. How often do you wash your hair? Is it every week or two weeks? This is very important. it also sounds as if your shampoo may not be doing a proper job of cleansing. It is important that your hair does not dry out when shampooing, but it is just as important to remove build-up. But before I can respond properly, how often do you shampoo and is your shampoo sulfate-free?


Aug 01, 2018

Hi Suzanne, I have long semi straight curly hair that is naturally oily, it tends to get dirty easily. The oils cause the pores to be blocked, and this results in occasional scalp acne flair ups. My hair is quite light and I can't seem to give it enough weight and volume with out causing a break out, from using product that have oil component to it. I don't really use any product other than Tressemme Anti-breakage shampoo and conditioner in my hair. Any ideas on how I can give my hair weight and volume and at the same time reduce the amount of dirt build up from the natural oils i seem to be overly blessed with.

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