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Cutting I Trimming Stimulates Growth?

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

So I know we have all heard that cutting or trimming your hair makes it grow. Please believe us when we say...that totally IMPOSSIBLE!

The fact is that your hair grows out from your scalp and NOT from the ends of your hair. Roots of your hair are embedded in your scalp. These strands growing out are actually DEAD and as such, has no sensations, no feelings whatsoever. Ever wonder why the acts of cutting or trimming your hair do not have you screaming in pain? Bingo…hair strands are not alive. The roots embedded in the scalp are very much alive, but once it leaves the scalp and you can see those hairs, they are dead. So there is absolutely NO connection or message sent to your scalp saying..."You may grow now as I just got rid of the ends". Absolutely ridiculous.

I have wondered where that myth came from and have come up with a possible reason...

Whenever you have ends that are split, it is better to trim as they may end up splitting further up the strand. Consider a rope that is made by twisting two twines or cables together. If you pull or unravel the end of the rope, each cable will never be as strong as the area that is still intertwined. The same goes for a strand of hair that is splitting. The split area will not be able to sustain manipulation as well as the part of the strand that has no split which increases the possibility of the strand breaking. Breakage makes it seem as if there is no growth. But, if you trim the split area, the strand will be less likely to break so easily and the growth will be noticeable.

Still not sure? Think about another obvious fact…a person going bald will never have growth just by cutting or shaving their head right? Wouldn’t that be an easy fix!

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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