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DIY Pedi's!

I am not sure how many persons feel the way I do about pedicures and the fact that they mess with my patience level. Where many find them relaxing, I truly cannot wait to get out of the chair and get on with my day.

On the flip side, if there is one thing that embarsses me, it is to have my friends say my feet look dry, or rough. Although I dislike the pampering of a pedicure, it is imperative they are looking soft, smooth and properly moisturized. No one would ever know pedi's are not my "thing" by the look of my feet. From ever since, I do my own grooming where that is concerned.

There are quite a few types of foot scrubs on the market. Depending on the condition of your feet, the choices are endless. From my experience, unless there is an underlying medical problem of extremely dry skin or walking barefoot a lot is your thing, there really is no need to use harsh pumice stones or scrubs. Getting back to the basics has always been my "go-to" regime and it works for most.

From ever since, a gentle foot scrub is a staple in my shower. Actually, it is double sided which gives me the option if I feel the need for a bit more sloughing. I tend to prefer the ones with a handle for easier usage and pumice stones feel rather cumbersome. Be careful and not put too much pressure as you do not want to over-slough as it may cause that unnecessary dry, flaky affect. I then follow up with the OXX Body Butter as it lasts and lasts for hours. You have to make sure your moisturizer is emollient without being too slippery. If you do this regimen at least three to four times for the week, you would be surprised how fabulous your feet will look.

Whenever I do my once or twice yearly pedicures, the technician is always surprised I am not getting professional pedis. Plus, the process/service is shorter as the work is less. So try for yourself and experience the amazing results.

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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Juliet Thorburn-McIntosh
Juliet Thorburn-McIntosh
May 07, 2019

Thank you for this information on DIY Pedis. Now I know what to do with my feet to make them look better! 😉

Suzanne Wilson
Suzanne Wilson
Nov 25, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Juliet. Actually, I have started to send Blogs again so look out for today's and last weeks. Thanks for your patronage

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