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Processed hair refers to persons who chemically relax (straighten) or texturize their hair. Black women with tighter curls may chemically treat their hair for a straighter look and these are permanent effects on the hair shaft. And If there is one thing chemically processed afro-textured hair cannot stand, it is exercise!

The OXX Salon enables the ability to advise with confidence. So many times, a client with processed hair will start coming to our salon to begin her hair starts looking fabulous so she can finally "tick" one intent off her bucket list. Unfortunately, if the next "to do" on the list is to get in shape, it is downhill from there. No joke! Afro-textured processed hair does NOT like exercise at all. Now, we are not saying you cannot have great looking processed hair with an exercise routine, but you will have to be very diligent with your hair regimen.

Let us not forget that sweat is salty, which means it is alkaline. Hair is acidic, so right then and there, we see an imbalance. OXX Heads with afro-textured hair already know we insist on less manipulation as this hair type breaks easily. Perspiration will increase the breakage as it literally makes the hair more dry. One way to counter this is to apply more of our "OXX Hair Butter and Serum" combination. Yes, it will be a heavier look but that is okay as we then recommend a LOOSE bun with some hair pins. You should apply those moisturizers every day, preferably before and after exercise and be gentle while applying. No brushing ever and in the week, only use the wide tooth comb to lift the roots. Do not comb through the hair...use your fingers instead. Do not use clips that clamp on the hair as this will put pressure on the strands.

Our website has Tips, videos and Standards to abide by. You may click on information 24/7 to help keep you on track.

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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1 Comment

Juliet Thorburn-McIntosh
Juliet Thorburn-McIntosh
Apr 10, 2019

Thank you for that very comprehensive explanation about why exercising with processed hair needs such special attention. Very good post!!

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