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Heat Protector...What is that? Where do I start?

Whenever the name "Heat Protector" is stated, persons feel a sense of relief as it is supposed to offer a safer and smoother styling process against heat. So with all this information passed around daily in salons, beauty supplies, homes, etc., why does OXX System refuse to add such a so-called "fantastic" item to their product line?

Trust...we get this question thrown at us all the time and it is one I have so much fun answering. In order to do a thorough explanation, it is best to start with the basics and an analogy.

It is important to remember the hair protruding from your scalp is "DEAD". joke..."DEAD". These strands have no blood vessels which is why we are able to "CUT", use "HARSH" chemicals and "HEAT" without screaming for mercy. Think about it for a second. Have you ever coloured your hair and felt your scalp burning? Been doing a straightening service and felt as if your scalp was on fire? Notice I did not say your hair was burning or on fire but your scalp! This is because your scalp is alive and sensitive to touch and feel. NOT your strands! Your hair is absolutely void of sensations.

The scalp is an extension of our skin so I will switch to "skin" for this analogy. Please do NOT try this at home. I am only offering an example as it is literally dangerous and will cause body harm. That said, what do you think would happen if you smeared some "heat-protector" on your arm (skin), turned on your curling or flat-iron to the degree / setting you typically use in your hair and placed it where you applied the product? Needless to say, you would immediately remove the iron as not only will it be painful but you could get badly burnt! Why didn't the "heat-protector" absorb the heat from the iron? What happened to all those promises?

Promises, promises and more promises. If your strands are unable to send warning signals that the product is not lessening the burning, how will you know? Think about it. Makes sense right? This means applying a serum or butter before using heat is basically the same thing as using a heat protector. It helps with a smoother glide of the iron but has absolutely NO ability to reduce the heat. NONE whatsoever.

It is so easy to declare offerings when hard to actually gauge and hair is an easy target. So until there is truly such a thing as a "heat-protector", rest assured it will never be a part of our product line.

Until next time, Stay Safe!

The OXX Family

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