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Why Only Shoulder Length?

So we have not posted a blog for a while but rest assured we are still on top of better hair practices. Hair-care is an ongoing "lifestyle change" that should never take second place. Let's be honest...our hair matters regardless of length or texture and rest assured, OXX will always have your back with advice and solutions.

So we just happened to see an IG post where two older Caucasian women were truly surprised to know this African-American woman's braids were not false. They were so intrigued as they never thought afro textured hair could grow to any remarkable length. The truth is OXX knows the "Black women hair cannot grow long" MYTH all too well and sadly, this belief is also shared by some Black persons. Hopefully one day we can put that ridiculous notion to rest. We keep reminding persons in order to realize length, especially when chemically processed (colour, relaxer, semi-permanents) it boils down to two things - good products and proper regimen / standards.

That's right folks. It will NEVER be just about products. The reason is due to the delicacy of coils/curls. In its natural state, afro textured (Black hair type) is fragile, which is why it breaks easily. So just imagine how much more delicate the strands are when relaxers and other harsh chemicals are added to the mix. The OXX Website has 24/7 Tips and Advice on how best to handle your hair. Not every tool should be used on fragile hair. Think about would not use a needle best suited for satin material on leather right? Well, just as material is texture, so is hair. When it comes to afro-textured coils, things have to be done a little differently.

For example, we do NOT like brushes in afro-textured hair. Okay, some may scoff at this outlook but we are sticking to our philosophy. Why? Because it has too many bristles and they rip through the hair like "What"!!! Trust do NOT need a brush.

Remember, our hands are tools too. Use them at times instead of a comb and if you are going to use a comb, use a wide tooth and be gentle. Practice makes perfect so start today to make that lifestyle change. Long hair is not for everyone, but if you wish longer than shoulder length hair, it does not always have to be false!

Until next time, love your tresses!!!

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23 mag 2022

I honestly can't believe how well-informed you guys are. I'm proper flabbergasted. You're so thorough. I've been reading your posts and tips and I was shocked ya'll went as far as to mention that high dose vitamin c intake can make afro-textured hair more brittle. I wish I had hairdressers like ya'll growing up. Thankfully it's not too late!

Mi piace
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