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Food I Scalp I Hair?

I know we covered issues on dermatitis with Blogs about... chemicals, medication, weather and the different reactions they can cause on persons suffering from that condition, but it is also important to know that foods can negatively affect your scalp and subsequently your hair, just as well.

The most obvious and known allergy many persons with eczema have is dairy products. This means that cakes, cookies, or anything containing milk will fall in that spectrum.

Another menace to dermatitis is gluten. On the other hand, do not be mistaken, as it may not only be the obvious causing problems. For instance, my eczema increases with a lot of corn intake. Oh yes...good old corn. Whenever I binge on corn, typically corn on the cob, my scalp looks and feels like someone sliced the front of my hairline with a knife. Ouch!

Paying attention to your scalp and skin's reaction may garner amazing results, enabling fewer doctor visits, reduction in costs of ointments, and anti-dandruff shampoos. Never for a moment forget that medicated shampoos and ointments for eczema will dry the hair. Furthermore, afro-textured relaxed and texturized hair cannot counter the drying effect from these shampoos and medications, resulting in extreme breakage of the strands.

As such, we have advised clients to take note of what they eat daily. Remember, no matter the food type, it may just not be a friend of your system. Rice, sugar, kale, etc., and the list goes on. Anyone food type can be a foe. Trust when I say, we are what we eat!

Until next week,

The OXX Family

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