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How You Start Affects the Finish!

So many times prospective customers on our OXX Social media platforms ask for recommendations for two or three of our best products for their hair type and this can be quite difficult at times...

Of course persons can use our products with other brands,but we created a System in order to achieve the best results. This stands true especially for persons with dryer or damaged hair types.

The OXX Hair Butter and/or OXX Serum is a staple at the top of the list with respect to dry/damaged hair, but one should never forget if they are applied on hair that is full of heavy products or build-up, the result will not be as expected.

As such, it is best to start with our OXX Shampoo. It was formulated with the intent to clean gently yet thoroughly. We did not do a sulfate-free shampoo as those do not remove build-up and, as such, is like "taking a shower and applying lotion" at the same time. Needless to say, not a good shower. On the other hand, we do respect the fact that persons with a "keratin" sealed in treatment have to use a sulfate-free shampoo as this is the way they will retain the straightening effect longer. For all others, when you start with the OXX Shampoo, it prepares the way for the other products used after. This means that when the OXX Hair Butter and/or OXX Serum are finally applied, the strands will better receive all the "goodies" as the ingredients can penetrate better.

Oh yes! We prove this System day after day in our OXX Salon and our 'OXX Heads'. Of course, we cannot say enough that persons with dryer or damaged hair types will achieve the best results by combining usage of the OXX Products while abiding by our OXX Standards. Trust when I say, it WILL work

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