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Can Weather Conditions Affect your Scalp?...

Wherever you are residing, the climate may be more intensely hot or cold than normal. Whatever your current situation is, this Blog is a reminder that weather conditions may affect your scalp and more than likely wreak havoc on dryer and damaged hair types.


1. Dandruff...Dry Scalp...Dermatitis : Has the itching increased? Are those annoying white flakes getting worst? We all have sebaceous glands below the surface of our skin and these glands secrete the oil “sebum” on the scalp. This is a natural occurrence for everyone regardless of a person’s ethnicity or hair type. That said, temperatures do influence the rate of sebum excretion and hot weather increases the delivery of sebum/oil to the surface of the scalp. Persons who suffer from eczema/dermatitis may realize an increase in flakes when warmer. Let me emphasize if you are in the habit of putting oil on your scalp, please stop as it will make the situation worst. Actually, most oils will make the situation worst. 

2. Itchy Scalp : It could very well be that you’re sweating in your head a lot and the salt from the sweat is irritating your skin. Salt is alkaline which goes against the natural pH balance of hair and scalp which is acidic. Try dipping a q-tip in vinegar and applying to the scalp area. This will help to counter the alkaline effect from the sweat as the vinegar is acidic.


3. Sweaty, Hair and Scalp: If you need to shampoo more often than normal but your hair type is damaged and breaking or you have Afro-textured hair that is processed, be careful. Never forget the fact that it is more fragile and delicate. As such, do a co-wash in between shampoos. Check out the OXX's way on how to do a co-wash on our Tips and Advice Page


If you have dryer, damaged hair, the cold weather will wreak havoc on your hair. You will need more moisture during these times and it is best to manipulate as little as possible. If you shampoo on Sunday, know that combing on a day further away from the day you shampooed means more breakage. In other words, Tuesday… means more breakage, Wednesday… more, Thursday…even more, Friday and Saturday…much more. Follow our OXX grooming advice to see how you should use your palms and hands to groom.

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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