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Humectants – Their importance and does OXX System Products offer?

What is a humectant? According to the Dictionary, a Humectant is “a substance used to reduce the loss of moisture".

That said, it goes without saying how vital it is for the hair. If you are wondering whether or not our company has these ingredients in our line, no need to worry, we are always paying attention :-).

All of our products offer moisture but two of them stand out from the rest where humectants are concerned. The first and foremost is the OXX Booster. This product is used after the Shampoo once per week and should only be allowed to sit on the strands for no longer than 3 minutes for relaxed hair and up to 5 minutes for natural hair (afro, Caucasian, Indian, etc.). It has the ability to get in between the open cuticles and attach itself even after rinsing, thereby allowing a better retention or hold of the Conditioner and all the other products used after, such as the Leave-In Conditioner, etc. Needless to say, this helps to reduce moisture loss from the strands during the week.

With respect to Afro-textured hair that is processed or natural (more so natural), along with curlier, frizzy hair, although moisture loss is lessened during the week after a shampoo, it cannot be fully stopped. As such, persons should use the OXX Serum and Hair Butter combination, with the OXX Hair Butter helping to “Seal” the application of the moisturizing ingredients. Once again, this “sealing” helps to reduce the loss of moisture. So yes, our products do have humectant properties, but the OXX Booster and OXX Hair Butter are the main ones providing the “Start (Booster) and Finish (Hair Butter)” re humectant offerings. If you have blonde, and a lot of grey hairs, combine equal amounts of OXX Booster with the OXX Conditioner before applying. For dryer hair, after rinsing, use OXX Conditioner again as you would normally.

Do not forget to browse the website’s pages and read up on our Tips and Advice, watch the videos and abide by our OXX Standards. Always remember, combine the OXX System Products with our OXX System Standards and realize the BEST results.

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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