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Leave A Little Behind!

When you have dry skin like I do, creativity is the key. Worst yet, with the weather being cold and parched for many, all the tricks of the trade should be stepped up a notch!

You must know by now that OXX System has body butters that really work. But this is not another Blog about our moisturizing vanilla or pomegranate potions. Actually, this post offers ways to help persons achieve a longer lasting, effective relief.

Whenever we visit places with colder climates I have to change my regimen in order to calm my dry skin by applying a THIN layer of our body butter before showering. It is important to not put too much, as this will disallow proper cleansing. Make sure you are using a wash clothor sponge gently if applying cream or butter before showering as It will stimulate and allow for better cleansing. But whether or not I moisturize before, it is important I abide by a rule to never fully towel-dry before applying moisturizer afterwards.

Now, I truly cannot take praise for the last tip as it has been around for a long while. So many persons have heard about applying lotion or body butters on damp skin but not bother to try. Be pleasantly surprised with the application, allowing for better glide and slip. On the other hand, my go-to regimen to put some moisture on before showering when dryness is excessive or the weather is frigid, will definitely create a more effective result. YOUR skin will start loving you back!!!

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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