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So, have you ever wondered why your hair frizz? Why no matter how sleek it looks after styling, where it feels as if it would be impossible for those smooth strands to do anything other than "stay smooth and sleek" comes humidity and "Boom"... there goes your hair to frizzy and unruly? So annoying to say the least. I mean seriously...who wants that? Spoils the mood right? Frustrating!

For those of you who read and/or watch our informative pages on the OXX Website, you know we prefer using analogies in order to better enable persons to understand the reasons why they have hair issues. And this time is no different.

Every strand of hair has an outer most layer (just as our body's outermost layer is our skin) and it is called the cuticle layer. Now let us compare the hair strand itself as a "house" and the cuticle layers as the "windows" on the walls of the house. If you live in a warm climate as we do, rest assured the air-conditioner is one appliance that must be at its peak performance at all times. Remember our comparison of the house (strand) and the windows (cuticle outermost layer)? Can you imagine purchasing an air conditioner for the house and turning it on with all those windows open? Not only would you not be able to feel very cool, but you would have a huge electric bill. Just ask the person with dry or damaged hair how much money is spent per year on hair products trying to find the answer to their problems...ALOT!!!

Case in point...because your strand's cuticle layers are lifted, it is very difficult to retain moisture within the hair. Because the "windows" are open, damaged or naturally dry hair will frizz easily. It is also hard for this hair type to hold on to products that make it feel softer. This is all due to the openness (open windows)...why the water particles in the air is able to affect the strand too. Everything is wide open...literally...process of "osmosis'.

This is why our OXX Pre-Conditioning Booster is so much appreciated as it helps the strands have better retention and allows conditioners, and other moisturizing products do their work . After using the OXX Shampoo (not a sulfate-free as those do not remove build-up), you apply the OXX Booster and leave in for no longer than 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and then apply OXX Conditioner etc.

You will notice the strands will feel more supple and silky, all because you have now been able to hold on to the ingredients in the Conditioner better. Think of it as the "house" having some "curtains" in the "windows". The "curtains" represent the "OXX Booster". We also like to call the Booster "little sponges" as sponges absorb.

So your are left with hair that is silkier and more fabulous! Bouncier and Healthier for sure. And the good thing is that you may use the Booster once per week as it is a natural blend of Oils and other beneficial ingredients.

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