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OXX BOOSTER - Pay Attention!!!

Last week, I received a very unfortunate message from a new OXX user of one of our products - Pre-Conditioning Booster...

Apparently, she purchased the product, visited the United States, went to a salon where they combined the Booster with one of their treatments and then proceeded to put her under the dryer. Needless to say, in her own words, she had a very bad outcome. I am not sure what actually happened but she was not a happy camper. The only damage control I was able to offer, apart from what I will elaborate on in the next couple paragraphs, was for her to come to us for a free consultation and/or get her hair service experience with us.

We cannot stress this more...please read the directions! Nowhere on the bottle does it say that the Booster is to be used with another treatment!!!

The only combination advised is for persons with very blonde platinum type hair or grey hair to combine with the OXX Conditioner just in case it leaves a very pale golden hue after rinsing. We have that information on our website only, at the moment, but will be adding to the labels on the bottle for our next order.

The directions clearly state to "not" comb or massage in and only leave on hair for 3 minutes. We realized that natural hair can leave on for 5 minutes but preferred to keep the 3 minutes as a precaution for overly zealous persons. Trust me, I am that type of experimental person too, so better be safe than sorry and stop persons like myself before they start to get ideas :)

The Pre-Conditioning Booster behaves like a protein in the hair. It helps to trap the ingredients of the Conditioner and the other products used afterward, due to its ability to get “lost” within the porous (open) areas of the strand. It does this quickly enough and without the need for heat. I, family and friends have been tested subjects for a long time which enables my empirical instructions and advice. The benefits inside this important and effective bottle are the reasons why first time users receive that instant result, with softness and moisture retention. Why, after a relaxer or texturizer persons hair no longer has that “I just relaxed my hair” look and feel. Why persons come to our salon, have their hair chemically treated and go straight to an event, as there is no typical “one to two weeks” wait until the hair looks good again.

Furthermore, even before OXX was a fruition, protein treatments was never a novelty to me. I used them at times and realized how dangerous they can be when used incorrectly. The good thing is that the OXX is natural so doesn’t deliver that intense reaction.

So please, read the directions carefully, even if just to get a better idea of what to expect. We have videos showing how best to use all our products, even the satin head wears. Although that person’s experience was no fault of ours, it is never a good feeling to know one of our products is blamed for a bad experience.

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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