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OXX Serum - Absolutely NO Silicone!

Have you ever really paid attention to your hair after applying many of the grooming products on the market?

Where many of them do give a high gloss finish but after a while, the hair no longer looks shiny but more greasy? One of the main culprits of this is the go-to ingredient - Silicone.

Anything ending with “cone” at the end is a silicone. For instance, Dimethicone. Polymers fall in that category also. Furthermore, If they are at the top of the list of ingredients on the bottle, it means there is a substantial amount in the formula. Needless to say, persons will most definitely realize a lot of sleekness but not everything that glistens is gold.

The OXX Serum does not contain any of those culprits as they are like liquid plastic, forming a layer on the strands, which may eventually cause breakage and/or heavy build-up. It’s like having a weight on your hair. Furthermore, persons who use sulfate-free very careful. Remember that sulfate-free means you’re not getting thorough cleansing thereby you’re not properly removing cones and polymers from the strands. Over a period of time, this will make the hair dull looking, along with the buildup and possible brittleness.

Now, they do have more soluble “cones” but we preferred to go more natural and stay away completely with our product line. The OXX Serum moisturizes with a sheen, and for more dryer hair types and very curly strands, a small combination of OXX Hair Butter and the OXX Serum does fabulous wonders to the hair.

Satin is the best material for reducing friction on your hair when sleeping  Why AHA? No elastic in the front means no creases in the morning!

OXX Hair Butter

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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