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Permed Rods Styles on Relaxed I Processed Hair...Yes or No?

I know OXX can be quite strict with grooming methods and yes, we are against styles that cause tension alopecia, but we have obvious reasons. Think about it...are you not fed up with seeing way too much-broken pieces of hair in the sink and on the floor? I am sure you are.

Now, even though we advise that basically, most things will break afro-textured hair as it is that fragile (especially when relaxed), we have to still do some form of manipulation. This is why we do quick blow-dries and quick flat-irons at the salon. Therefore, although we are manipulating the strands we try to be as gentle as possible and with lower heat. We also do roller sets, but will not put a curling or flat iron in the hair after as that is just too much heat.

Another service we offer is in perm rods. These are done mostly with relaxed hair customers and we advise them of the dangers. Actually, none of our regular clients have requested so far and I am soooo happy, but...a few of the OXX Family members (Employees) had been wearing rod styles for the last 2 months. I told them to calm down with these styles, but no one was listening and now they are paying the price...excess breakage. That's read correctly...more breakage than what they have now gotten used to. By the way, when I say "used to", it refers to the fact that African textured hair, especially when relaxed will always break but when persons abide by the OXX methods or Standards while using the products, the breakage will be reduced for sure. I know you are probably wondering why rodding would break the hair when having those curls for all those days mean no manipulation so will explain...

Putting in the rods, you can and should use much more moisturizer than normal without worrying about it looking greasy. The reason is?

One of the good things about wearing your hair with the rod curly look is that before putting in the rods, you can and should use much more moisturizer than normal without worrying about it looking greasy. The reason is that the moisture leaves afro-textured hair very fast because of the porous or open top layer. So even though our OXX Serum and Hair Butter combination have great retention, you must apply more on the day before you put in the rods and dry. Then, you have to put some tension on the hair when rodding and when the hair is wet, you do have more stretch from the strands. So you stretch when rapping the hair around the rods yet when the hair is drying, it actually gets shorter (shrinks) and so now the strands are straining, trying to hold their own around the rods, but unfortunately, some have no other choice but to let go (pop) as they just have no more stretching to give. So before you even start to enjoy your hairstyle, you have already caused breakage. Furthermore, your hair will need to be moisture replenished during the week but think of the difficulty to properly accept the moisture when it is tightly curled?

Another huge problem is the day you remove those rod curls and start shampooing. Anyone reading this Blog knows exactly what I am talking about. I cannot stress enough that persons who do not handle their hair like unboiled eggs with their delicate shells...YOU WILL BE IN BREAKAGE AND TANGLE CITY!!! We recommend applying extra OXX Serum and Hair Butter or just Hair Butter to your hair the night before and again an hour or so before shampooing. This will help to loosen some of the curls. Whatever you do, get ready for more hair leaving than you would like. By the way, remember you lose strands from the roots every day. If your hair is not being manipulated, this means that those strands that naturally uprooted will have nowhere to go but hang around amongst the curls. This can create tangles when the water touches the hair so gently use your palms and fingers to remove some of those loose strands ahead of time.

That said, if you feel the need to do rods, make sure you reduce the number of times done within a year. My suggestion... once or twice for the year and never leave in longer than 2 weeks. Just not worth the damage.

Until next week,

The OXX Family

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Miembro desconocido
18 jul 2018

I had no idea this was so damaging to the hair.....woowww, i have to start doing it less.....this was very informative thank you

Me gusta
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