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Silicone or Not!

I cannot be more ecstatic for the fact that our flagship OXX Salon/Store enables us to gather information, subsequently allowing us empirical evidence that we happily pass on to all.

That said, the usage of Silicones such as dimethicone, polymers and all their “cousins” have been one of such realizations.

Before our Company had our own Serum, we were using other brands with “smooth and shine” qualities. They touted, boasted abilities to offer long-lasting sheen and smoothness, yet none never truly lived up to our expectations. There was sheen but not for long and then it just seemed as if there was extra breakage after long usage, especially for processed hair. For this reason, we made sure the OXX Serum’s formula wouldn’t contain any kind of polymer/silicone. I must say that at first there was a bit of uncertainty as silicone is a highly used ingredient in so many products, but I stood firm on that decision.

Consider a diver wearing a wetsuit as it covers the body so nothing penetrates to affect the diver's skin. This analogy clearly explains how silicone and other like chemicals, in turn, disallows absorption of other important ingredients. How can that be beneficial? The truth is that silicones will eventually create a plastic-like barrier on the hair shaft, impeding penetration of ingredients that offer benefits. The OXX Serum is all natural. Our Serum is not heavy, penetrates well and does not cause build-up after prolonged usage.

OXX Serum will not create a plastic sheath that makes dry and/or damaged hair more brittle after a while. Its all natural blend of ingredients offer just the right amount of oils without weighing down the hair.

So that’s it in a nutshell. If you’re a user of our OXX Serum, give us feedback as we love to hear from our users.

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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