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Have you ever been in a situation where you realized a bit too late that you ran out of an item such as a shaving lotion / cream? Worst yet...while in the shower?

Well that happened to me once again this week and the desperation was real as I had already skipped shaving my legs two days in a row. Not only could I feel the stubble

...they were also quite visible. In the past, my gel body washes or my Husband's soap would do the deed, but somehow, the process was never quite right. My experience was such that the soaps were less smooth and had a very drying effect afterwards. My skin is already rather dry so soap was not an option. The gel body washes were always a better choice but still not quite right. After looking around in the shower for a bit, my eyes kept going back to the OXX Conditioner. Think about it...if it softens and conditions the hair so well, why not my I went for it and I was pleasantly surprised

The emollient texture allowed a smooth, soft glide for the razor. To be honest, I have used shaving lotions claiming to offer the same, to no avail. It is very important to have a supple consistency with a shaving cream. For instance, if I have to press a bit more with the razor, the creamier the product, the less chance of a cut. Honestly, my conditioner actually offered a better glide. Furthermore, when I was finished, my skin felt like a baby's. It was as if I had applied lotion before I left the shower. Such a fantastic feeling.

Who knows, probably I may alternate between shaving lotions and my ever-faithful OXX Conditioner. Try it for yourself and send us your feedback.

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