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The Sections Do Matter!

Our Company has quite a few unorthodox advice, especially for women with Afro textured and  damaged/dryer hair. These recommendations have been based on in-depth assessment throughout the years. Nothing is taken for granted. Excuses for excessive breakage are not taken lightly.

No matter what you’re doing, execution is the key. There are so many bad habits with respect to hair-care, it is mind boggling. We try to cover as many, no matter how trivial it may seem as there is always room for improvement.

That being said, an important grooming method when using the flat or curling iron on dryer hair types is to take bigger sections. This will reduce the amount of heat generated on each strand. Furthermore, it is extremely important to NOT flat iron in between shampoos. In other words, only use the flat/curling-iron on the day you shampoo and not during the week as it will cause more split-ends and breakage. This is especially true for afro-textured processed and/or colored hair. 

Okay, we do empathize there are times when an occasion might call for a little fix-up. But please, take larger sections while styling. What may look good today may very well be the reason for a cut / trim tomorrow. Damage is never fun!

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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