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Why use the OXX Hair Butter with OXX Serum?

We know our OXX Heads do their best to follow our advice about hair care and rest assured we only keep them on the right track!...

One of the ways we do this is to remind them why we do and say certain things. Rest assured, there are positive methods to our madness:).

So why combine OXX Hair Butter and OXX Serum? Think of baking a need certain ingredients in order to get the perfect finish/result. Well, consider the OXX Hair butter the "butter" in the cake while the OXX Serum as the water and/or oil. Furthermore, on the day of shampoo, we also add a TINY amount of the OXX Finisher for Relaxed hair and for afro-textured or very unruly, frizzy curly hair, we add a small amount OXX Soft Curl Enhancer.

When you combine all three on shampoo day, then the finisher/soft curl enhancer represents the "eggs' that helps to hold the "batter" together.

The OXX Serum was the first moisturizer in the OXX Product's line but it was soon realized a boost was needed for some hair textures. On that premise, the OXX Hair Butter was created!

This formulation is richer than the OXX Serum but does NOT have to look or feel heavy at all. YOU have control over how much is used and if you spread all over your palms before applying in sections (usually combined with the Serum), you will not weight the hair down. Actually, after applying what is needed on the strands, feel free to wipe the excess on your arms and legs if possible, Remember these products are great for your skin too.

Where the OXX Serum is a great oil formula, it does not have the holding power of the hair butter. Combining the Serum and Butter encourages a better retention. Of course, persons with straighter hair types such as Caucasians, Asians etc. will only need to use the OXX Serum unless their hair is very thick and curly/frizzy.

So that is it ladies, consider all three on day of shampoo as your mix

for the best results depending on your hair type. Then, using the OXX Serum and OXX Hair Butter for dry or damaged hair, in between shampoos, your strands will better

"hold" on to the moisture.

Until Next Week,

The OXX Family

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1 comentário

Membro desconhecido
22 de ago. de 2018

A friend of mine has been using this combination within the past few months and her hair has grown!!!!!!! Yes her hair was always breaking... She recently colored her hair and she told me for the first time after using color in her hair her hair is growing... She is so happy. So one up for OXX!!!

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