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My hair is dryer because it needs relaxing!!! What...are you kidding me?

I am telling you…the number of MYTHS surrounding Black people type hair is mind-boggling. This discussion is based on one of the many ridiculous claims out there about person hair getting drier when it needs to be relaxed...

Have you been OXX'ed?

How can hair be drier because it needs to be relaxed? Well…not to worry, as we are here to “Squash” those incorrect beliefs and put you on the right path.

First of all, always remember that Afro/African or Black people type hair is more open and porous and so more fragile and delicate. We keep having persons insist they do not have African textured hair so we have to explain that unless, from behind, someone could mistake you for an Indian, Chinese or White person, it means you have African textured hair or African textured mixed hair. Note that African textured was used for both examples. If you do not abide by this outlook, you are just asking for more problems because those persons (Indian, White, Chinese) are the ones with Strong and Sturdy hair types. African textured hair persons are the ones with fragile and delicate type hair.

So, because African hair is more porous or open (whether relaxed / processed or natural), it means that the outermost layer of each strand is lifted. A perfect example is to consider the scales on a fish. If you were to lift the scales of the fish it would not lay flat anymore and so it would not feel smooth. Now, consider your hair strand and think of the outermost layer of that strand (called the cuticle ) not laying flat but actually lifted like the scales on the fish you just lifted. So just like the fish with lifted scales not being able to protect its body underneath, Afro-textured or Black people type hair has lifted cuticles and so instead fragile and delicate. This is the same way your African type hair (whether relaxed or natural) is not able to keep moisture in for long periods without reapplying and why it breaks so easily and is so fragile. Once again, because the outermost layer does not have the ability to do so because it is lifted. Picture of different ethnic hair strands. Now...when a Black person puts in a relaxer/creme, it actually makes the strands a bit more delicate. This is one of the reasons why not getting a bone straight or dead straight relaxer is not a bad thing after all. But I do not wish to stray from the topic so we will leave that for another discussion. So back to the big, huge elephant in the room as to why persons think their hair gets dryer when it needs to be relaxed.

If you are relaxing the NEW GROWTH that has never been relaxed comes the rest of the hair is dry because that NEW area needs to be relaxed? Do you mean to tell me that things are happening scientists do not know about?

Think about this...where do you relax/creme? Is it not the new growth coming out of the scalp? Yes... right? Well, I do hope it is yes as that is the ONLY area you should be relaxing. Anyway, if you are relaxing the NEW GROWTH that has never been relaxed comes the rest of the hair is dry because that NEW area needs to be relaxed? Do you mean to tell me that things are happening scientists do not know about? You mean to tell me that the rest of the strands sends a message to the brain and says..." My hair needs to be relaxed so I am going to start feeling dry!" Really??? about Sci-Fi Movies!

Okay, ladies, that makes no sense right? Now, if you said that the new growth feels more coarse than the relaxed hair because it needs to be relaxed...that makes sense. And of course, the new growth will feel more coarse as it has not been chemically changed with relaxing. Also, remember that the relaxer/creme will NOT make your hair less dry. It does not make your cuticle layers stay perfectly flat like the other Races. It is important to remember this. This is why it is important for Black Women to use products that better enable the hair to hold on to the moisturizing ingredients longer so as not to dry out so fast. And to also reapply a small number of moisturizers during the week.

So there you have it. The rabbit is now out of the bag. NO...your hair does not feel dryer because it needs to be relaxed. The new growth will feel different from the relaxed part but your new growth has no bearing whatsoever on the feel of the relaxed/processed parts. Impossible. Please go and visit the website whenever in doubt. Always remember Black People MUST also abide by the OXX System Standards in order to have the best results. Where Indian, Caucasian, and Chinese type hair persons can abide by the OXX System products alone, Black women CANNOT! They have to combine OXX Standards with the OXX Products. We have a whole slew of important information, Videos and Tips and Advice waiting there for you to make better choices:

Until next week,

The OXX Family

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